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v. per·am·bu·lat·ed, per·am·bu·lat·ing, per·am·bu·lates
1. To walk through.
2. To inspect (an area) on foot.
To walk about; roam or stroll.

[Latin perambulāre, perambulāt- : per-, per- + ambulāre, to walk; see ambhi in Indo-European roots.]

per·am′bu·la′tion n.
per·am′bu·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.perambulating - strolling or walking around; "perambulating nursemaids with their charges"
mobile - moving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place); "a mobile missile system"; "the tongue is...the most mobile articulator"
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