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1. Of or relating to perception: perceptive faculties.
a. Having the ability to perceive; keen in discernment.
b. Marked by discernment and understanding; sensitive.

per·cep′tive·ly adv.
per′cep·tiv′i·ty (pûr′sĕp-tĭv′ĭ-tē), per·cep′tive·ness n.
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Noun1.perceptivity - a feeling of understanding
sensibility - refined sensitivity to pleasurable or painful impressions; "cruelty offended his sensibility"
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n. perceptibilidad, capacidad de percibir.
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The UN report claims that deaths were caused by injuries from pellet shotguns, bullets, tear gas shells, as well as by inhaling chemical shell fumes.Given judicious perceptivity, the Modi government's practices of enforced displacement and enforced disappearance are culpable under international humanitarian law (IHL).Since under the current German presidency of the UNSC, a special focus is being given on the primacy of international humanitarian law, the Council must take cognizance of the ongoing human right violations in Kashmir.
Occupying up to 80%, the mental dimension "is the subtle domain of inner activation, i.e., the flame of an active, inner, vibratory perceptivity and engagement" (Zarrilli, Psychophysical 62).
I appreciate the sharp images, and, perceptivity regarding availability and potential values of these attractive shakers.
It was in fantasy fiction that symbolic imagination fulfilled its quest of achieving the mystical union; it represented the language of free imagination, unconstrained rules, and sensitive perceptivity. The interpretation of Laurence Housman's fairy tale "The Moon-Flower" (1895) attempts to familiarise the reader with late Victorian fairy tales related to religious philosophy and mystical imagination.
Confirmability was achieved in this study through the use of participant journal entries within the results and the acknowledgment of researcher perceptivity.
(13) In contrast, for example, Thomas Percival, a Manchester physician who knew Darwin, claimed in his vitalist article, "Speculations on the perceptive power of vegetables" (1785), "not only that plants had a life force, were capable of spontaneous motion, and experienced sensations, but also that they had genuine powers of perceptivity. " (14) Amidst such contentions, despite Linnaeus's personifying language in his writing about plants, he was often identified with mechanism, and one of his greatest rivals, the French naturalist, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, disparaged his taxonomies as mechanistically abstract and dependent on observations of surface phenomena.
depends in part on establishing a persona of perceptivity, if not brilliance" (44, see also Fahnestock and Secor 93, MacDonald 142).
Biorobots are superior in many aspects to traditional mechanical robots, such as mobility, perceptivity, adaptability, and energy consumption.
Bradley often and with his usual perceptivity quoted the old Signal Corps maxim that Congress makes a general, but only communication; can make him a commander.
In "'She had been Certain the River would Sustain her': Modernist Aestheticism in Anita Desai's Fiction," Lopez goes on to show how Desai's characters' sense of discontentment towards their social environment and domestic milieu on the one hand, and their acute perceptivity on the other, can be traced back to modernist tradition, particularly to its "dark places of psychology," as Woolf described it (qtd.
In pictorial abstraction, religion's primary truth-statements assume a nonfigurative perceptivity that is more universally comprehensible than what is portrayed in concrete pictorial imagery.
175), and that the best experimenters will be those who simply are good observers, displaying perceptivity and sensitivity.