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perch 1

1. A rod or branch serving as a roost for a bird.
a. An elevated place for resting or sitting.
b. A position that is secure, advantageous, or prominent.
3. A pole, stick, or rod.
4. Chiefly British
a. A linear measure equal to 5.50 yards or 16.5 feet (5.03 meters); a rod.
b. One square rod of land.
5. A unit of cubic measure used in stonework, usually 16.5 feet by 1.0 foot by 1.5 feet, or 24.75 cubic feet (0.70 cubic meter).
6. A frame on which cloth is laid for examination of quality.
v. perched, perch·ing, perch·es
1. To alight or rest on a perch; roost: A raven perched high in the pine.
2. To stand, sit, or rest on an elevated place or position.
1. To place on or as if on a perch: The child perched the glass on the edge of the counter.
2. To lay (cloth) on a perch in order to examine it.

[Middle English perche, from Old French, from Latin pertica, stick, pole.]

perch 2

n. pl. perch or perch·es
1. Any of several spiny-finned freshwater fishes of the genus Perca, especially either of two edible species, the yellow perch of North America, and P. fluviatilis of Europe.
2. Any of various similar fishes of the family Percidae, such as the walleye, or of other families, such as the white perch or the ocean perch.

[Middle English perche, from Old French, from Latin perca, from Greek perkē.]
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sitting down or placed on the edge or tip of something: a village perched on the top of a ridge.
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[ˈpɜːrtʃt] adj
[person] to be perched on sth (on the edge or top of sth)être perché(e) sur qch
She was perched on the edge of the sofa → Elle était perchée sur le bord du canapé.
[town, village, building] to be perched on a hill → être perché(e) sur une colline
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(= situated) perched onthronend auf +dat; a village perched on a hillside/above the lakeein Dorf, das auf dem Hang/über dem See thront
(= seated) to be perched on somethingauf etw (dat)hocken
(= resting) with his glasses perched on the end of his nosemit der Brille auf der Nasenspitze
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Then came Tiktok, and the Scarecrow with Billina perched upon his straw-stuffed shoulder.
"Why do you weep?" inquired an Angel who had perched upon a fence near by.
Soon afterwards, as they were passing by a farmyard, they saw a cock perched upon a gate, and screaming out with all his might and main.
cried Ahab, hailing the perched men all around him.
When the bedroom door was opened a large crow, which seemed quite at home perched on the high back of a carven chair, announced the entrance of a visitor by saying "Caw--Caw" quite loudly.