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 (pûr′chə-tĕl′ē, pĕr′chä-tĕl′lē)
Pasta in long hollow thick strands.

[Italian dialectal, diminutive pl. of perciato, past participle of perciare, to pierce, from Old French percer, percier; see pierce.]
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The casserole had been made using Italian perciatelli, a spaghetti-length tubular pasta so small in diameter it will slide through the hole in a No.
PBS will continue its coverage of foreign culinary affairs with "Lidia's Italian Table." Episodes set to air include "Mussels, Chicken & More" with Chef Lidia Matticchio Bastianich preparing Mussels Posillipo, Zoccolo, Chicken Scarparielo, and String Beans in Tomato Sauce; "Pasta From The Pantry" featuring Fusilli Puttanesca, Linguine Carbonara, and Perciatelli Filletto di Pomidoro; "Soup For Dinner, Soup For Dessert," a full-meal menu of Minestrone, sponge cake, and Zuppa Inglese; and "America's National Dish: Pizza," which includes lessons in preparing basic pizza dough, quick pizza sauce, Sicilian pizza, margaritas, and calzones.
Bucatini are also known as perciatelli and are like spaghetti, but with a hollow centre.