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Of, relating to, or characterized by percussion.

per·cus′sive·ly adv.
per·cus′sive·ness n.


of, caused by, or relating to percussion
perˈcussively adv
perˈcussiveness n


(pərˈkʌs ɪv)

pertaining to or characterized by percussion.
per•cus′sive•ly, adv.
per•cus′sive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.percussive - involving percussion or featuring percussive instruments; "percussive music"


adjperkussorisch (spec)
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Salt Lake City, UT, August 09, 2019 --( BodyGun, a percussive therapy device company, has developed the most versatile percussion massager on the market.
I just spent some time at the shooting range with a set of Decibullz Custom-Molded Percussive Filters, which I molded to my ears myself.
(102- to 203-mm) diameter holes using down-the-hole (DTH) percussive hammers.
"Plinky plonky in the dictionary is described as having a repetitive, percussive melody - and that is certainly true of the middle section.
Simply put, a percussive drilling mechanism utilizes the percussive energy resulting from the repeated impact of the drifter (THD rigs) or the DTH hammer (DTH rigs) and the feed force and rotation force that are transmitted to the drill bit through the drill rod.
conducted a simulation analysis and an experimental study of the percussive drilling of granite via a specially designed triple-button bit.
"Percussive Hunter," which opened on March 11 at the Taksim-based center, is a selection put together by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, the 2014 winner of the center's International Curator Contest, aimed at young curators working in the field of contemporary art.
Incidental percussion instruments and a few percussive requests are also included to provide variety and rhythmic emphasis." The four movements include "Jazzette," "Sambassa," "Meanderings," and "Bang-Tango."
A classically trained musician and a self-taught LIPA-honed player, they combine intricate, percussive guitar and compelling vocals.
The percussive contraction is based on the percussive exhalation.
First up Jon Gomm with dynamic percussive songs embroidered with delays, distortion and altered tunings.