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Lastly, you should attempt to sit with your chin retracted back to keep the weight of your head over your spine," says Dr Stan Pierce, founder, CEO, and lead instructor for EPIC (Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections), and clinical director at the Atlas Spinal Centre.
A guitar, for example, can be beaten so that it is a percussive instrument only.
a donkey's jawbone with rattling teeth intact as a percussive instrument.
The show which treats the whole world as a percussive instrument will send you away tapping not only your feet.
The heckler is typically given some kind of loud percussive instrument, which is hard to ignore, and attempts to disrupt the attention of the child focused on the original task of listening to the two songs.
Capp states in her introduction that the "starting point for talking about Zimbabwean music and musicians is the mbira, a lamellophone which is a percussive instrument consisting of a small wooden board or box onto which a number of metal keys have been attached, with metal objects or shells added to produce buzzing" (p.
Unlike string instruments or voice, the piano can be a rather percussive instrument if one is not careful of each and every tone.
Thanks to the talents of the timbal-playing bandleader Tito Puente, this percussive instrument was brought into the spotlight asa solo instrument, as well as an integral part of the orchestral rhythm section.
Despite the occasional violin or percussive instrument, it all remains raw: live and alive.
Srinivasa Desikan's discussion of metalware focuses primarily on images of Hindu deities, but also covers ritual items such as a "tree lamp," cooking vessels, and a "five-faced" metal percussive instrument used in the Thiruvarur Temple.
The latter is the most ordinary aspect of ``IV''; otherwise you'll find a bit more aggression here - a punchy closing instrumental using voices as a percussive instrument (``Big''), and a surefire concert stomper in the opening rouser, ``Holdin,'' which makes good use of the group's harmonies.
As he became increasingly out of breath from his oscillatory exertions, Paulikevitch began to use breath as a percussive instrument in its own right.