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Of, relating to, or characterized by percussion.

per·cus′sive·ly adv.
per·cus′sive·ness n.


of, caused by, or relating to percussion
perˈcussively adv
perˈcussiveness n


(pərˈkʌs ɪv)

pertaining to or characterized by percussion.
per•cus′sive•ly, adv.
per•cus′sive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.percussive - involving percussion or featuring percussive instruments; "percussive music"


adjperkussorisch (spec)
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An earth-piercing tool is a small, missile-shaped hammer that percussively works its way through soils ranging from unconsolidated to medium hard density.
Parkinson has a seductive mezzo and the acting skills to match, here adding a new twist on the call for castanets with a wine bottle and glass played percussively.
a matrix from which stem ideas about being generous, clear, percussively patterned, harmonized with others, balanced, finished, socially perfected, worthy of destiny.
During the pre-concert bus journey from Beirut to Beiteddine, one of the young men seated behind The Daily Star's intrepid journalist devoted the whole of his trip to humming percussively while listening to an operatic something-or-other on his iThing.
He raps very fast and melodically and percussively, and it helped me get rid of the stutter.
It was as if my implicit memory had found a way to speak, as if each cell, without a voice box, gurgled or percussively groaned and mouthed, to make meaning in a crossover between animalistic and human sounds, between the Semiotic and Symbolic, the unconscious and conscious as an organic communication that welled up from the 'molecular deep' into a chorus of affective supplication.
PARIS) Few artists today are rethinking the exhibition form more percussively than the dancer-choreographers Boris Charmatz and Xavier Le Roy.
Protest has been at the percussively throbbing heart of South African life since the mid-1970s; there are peaks and ebbs in this social tide.
2003) or percussively stunned (Onenc and Kaya, 2004) animals, no single piece of work compares meat quality attributes from unstunned, and mechanically (penetrative and non-penetrative) stunned cattle.
I am aware of having to push myself just to account for a few of the more structural incidents as well as the plays of color, with overlaps of kindred or opposed tones, which give the resultant "web" something like the consistency, percussively inflected, of modernist chamber music.
Lines are clearly, sometimes percussively, picked out.
Loktev's muscular, distinctive helming percussively deploys repetition and shock cuts (she also takes a co-editing credit) that's of a piece with "Day Night Day Night" and her docu "Moment of Impact.