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adj. Medicine
Passed, done, or effected through the skin.

per′cu·ta′ne·ous·ly adv.
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(Medicine) med through the skin
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Intralesional (aka intratumoral) injection with PV-10 can yield immunogenic cell death in solid tumor cancers that results in tumor-specific reactivity in circulating T cells.1-5 Lysosome-targeting PV-10 is administered percutaneously when delivered to primary or metastatic tumors of the liver, such as mNET, hepatocellular carcinoma, and metastatic uveal melanoma.
The cardiac mapping procedure is usually done by inserting catheter into the heart chamber percutaneously and recording the electro grams sequentially, this is done in order to correlate the electro grams with cardiac anatomy.
Provectus provided an update on the Company's gastrointestinal tumor clinical development program for its lead investigational cancer drug PV-10, which is administered percutaneously when targeting primary or metastatic tumors of the liver, such as hepatocellular carcinoma, metastatic neuroendocrine tumors, and metastatic uveal melanoma.
Renal mass sampling is usually performed percutaneously under computed tomography or ultrasound guidance, by core biopsy and/or FNA biopsy.
Catheter inserts into the heart chamber percutaneously and recoding electro-grams sequentially.
Because of the detection of mitral insufficiency 4/4 and the development of pulmonary oedema in his echocardiography, it was decided to insert peripheral type VA ECMO percutaneously. When the patient's arterial blood gas values in the last 24 hours prior to the insertion of ECMO were examined, pH was 7.19[+ or -]0.14, p[O.sub.2] was 87.4[+ or -]24 mmHg, pC[O.sub.2] was 43.6[+ or -]10.4 mmHg, lactate was 4.5[+ or -]5.7 mmol [L.sup.-1] and HC[O.sub.3] was 17.7[+ or -]5.1 mmol [L.sup.-1].
Performed percutaneously - via a catheter through the skin - many cardiac procedures no longer require an open heart surgery approach.
Another easy and practical alternative method is the retrograde tracheal intubation which uses Seldinger technique where a needle is inserted percutaneously through the trachea and directed toward the head, then a guidewire is introduced (in our case, a guidewire could have been directly used through the defect in the trachea) and advanced until it comes out of the mouth or nose and finally the ET tube is thread over the wire until it reaches the trachea (6).
In another case, the coil was retrieved percutaneously from the right lower lobe pulmonary artery, using an intravascular forceps, immediately after the migration.
Two techniques to decrease the degree of MR percutaneously currently are available: (i) Mitral-clip, and (ii) transcoronary venous mitral annuloplasty using the Carillon[R] Mitral Contour System[R].
It is a demanding and complex procedure but once completed, the patient is able to regain their normal life percutaneously after 48 hours.
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