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adj. Medicine
Passed, done, or effected through the skin.

per′cu·ta′ne·ous·ly adv.


(Medicine) med through the skin
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Majority of structural and coronary artery disease interventions can now be done percutaneously.
After valve placement, the communication is closed percutaneously with a special closure device.
The Micra TPS is delivered percutaneously, and does not require the use of leads for implant.
Capable of tapping from reservoir percutaneously or for instilling drugs,Lumboperitoneal shunt system implantable lumbo peritoneal shunt system with Touhey needle and connectors,External ventricular drainage system which should include ventricular catheter, connecting tubes, leak proof drainage bag ,Fibrin Sealant/Glue - Glue for use in neurosurgery to prevent CSF lead based on fibrin coagulum formed on mixing fibrinogen , Gigli saw wire cutter for craniotomy Should not fray/break on using.
4 mm shaft diameter that can be percutaneously inserted directly through the skin using an integrated needle tip, eliminating the need for a trocar, and resulting in less trauma and minimal scarring for the patient.
The K wires with injected cement were percutaneously inserted.
The implant is delivered percutaneously over a removable guidewire in a continuous loop into the vertebral body through a small diameter, single incision.
Additionally, the Impella CP has great potential for treating patients in need of a percutaneously deployed hemodynamic support device, said Rajan Patel, M.
A CT scan revealed a 7cm collection adjacent to the alimentary limb which was percutaneously drained under ultrasound guidance.
was percutaneously injected into the base of the pharyngocele under flexible fiberoptic guidance and with local anesthesia in clinic (see video at www.
The Medtronic CoreValve System is a new technology designed to replace a diseased aortic heart valve percutaneously a meaning through the skin a without open heart surgery and without surgical removal of the diseased valve.
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