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v. per·e·gri·nat·ed, per·e·gri·nat·ing, per·e·gri·nates
To journey or travel from place to place, especially on foot.
To travel through or over; traverse.

[Latin peregrīnārī, peregrīnāt-, from peregrīnus, foreigner; see peregrine.]

per′e·gri·na′tion n.
per′e·gri·na′tor n.
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4 F rusticolus (8-12 X 2-4) F peregrinus F peregrinus peregrinator F cherrug.
Gioacchino himself cites a sentence which shows that the allegedly heedless peregrinator possessed a degree of prescience shared by very few others.
Michel Magnien, "Aut sapiens, aut peregrinator : Montaigne vs.