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a. Subject to no further debate or dispute; final and unassailable: a peremptory decree.
b. Not allowing contradiction or refusal; imperative: The officer issued peremptory commands.
2. Offensively self-assured; imperious or dictatorial: a swaggering, peremptory manner.

[Latin perēmptōrius, from perēmptus, past participle of perimere, to take away : per-, per- + emere, to obtain; see em- in Indo-European roots.]

per·emp′to·ri·ly adv.
per·emp′to·ri·ness n.
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As she progressed with her practice, she was surprised to see how steadily and surely the awe which had kept her tongue reverent and her manner humble toward her young master was transferring itself to her speech and manner toward the usurper, and how similarly handy she was becoming in transferring her motherly curtness of speech and peremptoriness of manner to the unlucky heir of the ancient house of Driscoll.
"Well, lad, well," said Bartle, in a gentle tone, strangely in contrast with his usual peremptoriness and impatience of contradiction, "it's likely enough I talk foolishness.
Therefore you may talk to me, priest," he concluded with haughty peremptoriness.
He never exceeded in peremptoriness, nor in petting.
She was going to have room for the energies which stirred uneasily under the dimness and pressure of her own ignorance and the petty peremptoriness of the world's habits.
His first impulse was to give a positive refusal, but he was in some awe of Tom's wishes, and since he had the sense of being an "unlucky" father, he had lost some of his old peremptoriness and determination to be master.