peremptory challenge

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peremp′tory chal′lenge

a formal objection to a prospective juror that does not require a cause to be shown.
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O'Connell, The Elimination of Racism from Jury Selection: Challenging the Peremptory Challenge, 32 B.
This could include on the appellate level a peremptory challenge of one judge.
abuses of the peremptory challenge based on race, and later, gender.
4) After objecting to the denial of a peremptory challenge by the trial court, or the use of a peremptory challenge by opposing counsel, you must renew your objection before the jury is sworn to preserve the jury selection issue for appellate review.
20) Batson permits the party opposing the use of a peremptory challenge to object and establish a prima facie claim by showing that the strike was used to remove a prospective juror who is a member of a cognizable racial or ethnic group.
peremptory challenge, there is inadequate evidence for an appellate
Motives are central to the resolution of Batson claims, because the nature of a peremptory challenge is that it entitles prosecutors to strike jurors for any reason at all, except for a reason that would violate the Equal Protection Clause.
400, 405 (1955) with emphasis added) ("The accused should be allowed considerable latitude in examining members so as to be in a position to intelligently and wisely exercise a challenge for cause or a peremptory challenge.
Therefore, a reversal was not warranted on this issue because the plaintiff did not point to "a single juror who was unqualified or as to whom he claims he would have exercised a peremptory challenge, even though he has subsequently had the opportunity to perform an Internet search concerning each juror.
Illinois, (4) which held that a denial of a defendant's peremptory challenge does not constitute a structural error requiring automatic reversal.