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1. perfect.
2. perforated.
3. performance.
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The PERF project, supported by the Joyce Foundation, found that most of the participating law enforcement executives are strongly united on major gun violence prevention policy issues:
PERF FOR Girls with straight or relaxed medium to thick hair.
PERF's report provides the latest information about violent crime levels in 168 cities, towns and suburbs, as well as an analysis of crime trends in 56 communities that PERF has been tracking since 2005.
Garfield & Friends -- Perf & Play Finger Puppet Show Family Fun There will be three differently themed Garfield & Friends Finger Puppet Perf & Play Activities available throughout May and June -- Make a Splash, Jammin Out, and Fiesta Fun.
Hilliard says the PERF report states two policy and practice areas need significant change:
Perf Go Green is now shipping its three sizes of household trash bags and four sizes of commercial trash bags to Bostwick-Braun.
PERF maintains an experienced executive search department to assist cities in identifying and hiring police leaders.
com[TM] Green & Natural store, Perf Go Green products have received multiple 5-star ratings from independent customer reviews posted on the site.
The PERF is an agent multi- employer defined-benefit pension plan providing retirement, death, and survivor benefits to state, school (classified employees), and public agency members.
The show floor itself covered more than 600,000 square feet of space, and among the hundreds of new products showcased, Perf Go Green's new line of biodegradable plastic trash bags generated a great deal of interest as the company's products were the only new-to-market, biodegradable plastic garbage bags.
According to PERF President and Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, a number of strategies are being used by departments across the country that have led to a decline in deadly use-of-force incidents.
a world leader in providing tamper-evidence to un-attended assets believes that SECURE PERF is a perfect solution for manufacturers and security inspection agencies globally.