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1. Tending toward perfection.
2. Grammar Of, related to, or being the aspect that expresses the completion or the result of the action denoted by the verb.
n. Grammar
1. The perfective aspect.
2. A perfective verb form.
3. A verb having a perfective form.

per·fec′tive·ly adv.
per·fec′tive·ness, per′fec·tiv′i·ty (pûr′fĕk-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.


formal the state or quality of being perfective
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While for a long time Estonian linguists were of the opinion that the use of ara as a perfective particle is an unnecessary German influence, then Helle Metslang has held that the weakness of the object position in Estonian, the tendency towards analyticity, and the fact that the perfective particle has more functions in the sentence than indicating perfectiveness account for the high frequency of ara in contemporary Estonian.
-- The (smaller) member of the opposition has a definite, single, positive categorical meaning of perfectiveness.