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v. per·fo·rat·ed, per·fo·rat·ing, per·fo·rates
1. To pierce, punch, or bore a hole or holes in; penetrate.
2. To pierce or stamp with rows of holes, as those between postage stamps, to allow easy separation.
To pass into or through something.
adj. (pûr′fər-ĭt, -fə-rāt′)
Having been perforated.

[Latin perforāre, perforāt- : per-, per- + forāre, to bore.]

per′fo·ra·ble (-fər-ə-bəl) adj.
per′fo·ra′tive adj.
per′fo·ra′tor n.
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The preoperative diagnosis was more accurate in cases with ileocaecal mass and subacute obstruction than in cases that underwent emergency laparotomy for acute intestinal obstruction or perforative peritonitis.
Spectrum of perforative peritonitis-a prospective study of 150 cases.
The high-temperature crude oil entered the rubber center because of the perforative crack, that made structure changing of NBR.
Additionally, a case has been reported of a non-surgical endodontic management using MTA for perforative defects of internal root resorption.
Bochdalecfe diaphragmatic hernia, complicated by an antenatal gastric perforation, presenting as a pneumothorax and a perforative peritonitis.