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v. per·fo·rat·ed, per·fo·rat·ing, per·fo·rates
1. To pierce, punch, or bore a hole or holes in; penetrate.
2. To pierce or stamp with rows of holes, as those between postage stamps, to allow easy separation.
To pass into or through something.
adj. (pûr′fər-ĭt, -fə-rāt′)
Having been perforated.

[Latin perforāre, perforāt- : per-, per- + forāre, to bore.]

per′fo·ra·ble (-fər-ə-bəl) adj.
per′fo·ra′tive adj.
per′fo·ra′tor n.
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Additionally, a case has been reported of a non-surgical endodontic management using MTA for perforative defects of internal root resorption.
Non-surgical endodontic management using MTA for perforative defect of internal root resorption: report of a long term follow-up.
Wound infection after appendectomy for perforative or gangrenous appendicitis is four to five times higher than for early disease.