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v. per·fo·rat·ed, per·fo·rat·ing, per·fo·rates
1. To pierce, punch, or bore a hole or holes in; penetrate.
2. To pierce or stamp with rows of holes, as those between postage stamps, to allow easy separation.
To pass into or through something.
adj. (pûr′fər-ĭt, -fə-rāt′)
Having been perforated.

[Latin perforāre, perforāt- : per-, per- + forāre, to bore.]

per′fo·ra·ble (-fər-ə-bəl) adj.
per′fo·ra′tive adj.
per′fo·ra′tor n.
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We describe a simple option- keystone design, islanded, perforator flap from the adjacent area for the cover of axillary defect after wide local excision of scarred, infected skin affected by hidradenitis suppurativa of axilla.
1) Musculocutaneous, fasciocutaneous, and the recently popularized perforator flaps are the most common methods used in the treatment of pressure sores.
Perforator Flaps for Breast Reconstruction (online access included)
Retrograde filling of the distal RCA occurred via a septal perforator from the left anterior descending artery (LAD) (Figure 1(b)).
Only minor skeletonization of the internal pudendal artery perforator was required, limiting total operation time to 4 hours.
Keywords: Fascio-cutaneous, Perforator, Sural artery flap.
1-3] This article outlines our experience specifically with perforator pedicled propeller flaps (as per the Tokyo consensus [4]) for traumatic defects of the leg.
This course will include lectures on all commonly performed flaps used for breast reconstruction with extensive discussion of perforator flaps.
Wallpaper perforator – this puts holes in the paper so the steam can get behind it for stripping.
Perforator flaps have revolutionized the practice of modern reconstructive plastic surgery.
The vena cava was not lacerated or transected: perforator veins that joined the lymph fat pad were unintentionally pulled out.
They include standard pedicled and free flaps and newer adipofascial and perforator flaps, as well as pedicled and free vascularized bone transfers for bone reconstruction, ranging from a scaphoid nonunion to large bone defects.