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v. per·formed, per·form·ing, per·forms
1. To begin and carry through to completion; do: The surgeon performed the operation.
2. To take action in accordance with the requirements of; fulfill: perform one's contractual obligations.
a. To enact (a feat or role) before an audience.
b. To give a public presentation of; present: My theater group performed a three-act play.
1. To function or accomplish something as expected or required: a car that performs well on curves; workers not performing up to standard.
2. To yield a return on investment: stocks that performed well.
3. To portray a role or demonstrate a skill before an audience: The juggler performed atop a unicycle.
4. To present a dramatic or musical work or other entertainment before an audience.

[Middle English performen, from Anglo-Norman performer, from Old French parfornir : par-, intensive pref. (from Latin per-, per-) + fournir, to furnish; see furnish.]

per·form′a·ble adj.
per·form′er n.
Synonyms: perform, execute, accomplish, achieve
These verbs signify to carry through to completion. To perform is to carry out an action, undertaking, or procedure, often with great skill or care. The ship's captain performed the wedding ceremony. Laser experiments are performed regularly in the laboratory.
Execute implies performing a task or putting something into effect in accordance with a plan or design: "To execute laws is a royal office; to execute orders is not to be a king" (Edmund Burke).
Accomplish connotes the successful completion of something, often of something that requires tenacity or talent: "Make one brave push and see what can be accomplished in a week" (Robert Louis Stevenson).
To achieve is to accomplish something, often something significant, especially despite difficulty: "Some are born great ... Some achieve greatness ... And some have greatness thrust upon them" (Shakespeare).
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CT venogram offers the advantage of being noninvasive, rapidly performable providing comparable results in contrast to digital subtraction venogram.
In our scheme, every job needs a number of operations performable on some pre-defined machines with non-equal processing times.
Depending on the carry-over of the material, liquor rations of 1: 3.6 in partially flooded vessels are performable in practice.
Reading the variant presentations of children's speech in plays performed by all-child as well as mixed acting companies as suggestive of 'the individual child's capacity to manipulate convention and revealing the extent to which childishness could be both performative and performable' (82), Munro shows that even at the level of linguistic convention, childhood is always open to negotiation.
Compared to the classic approach, the inguinal approach for ONB during TURBT appeared to be an easily performable, effective block with a high success rate, rapid onset, and good patient and surgeon satisfaction.
The MCP structure contains only those functions performable as reachback for forward-deployed elements.
This aspect makes the foams more performable in seismic prone areas; however, this characteristic should be verified with respect to traditional mortars, as aimed in the present paper for thin joints brick masonry walls.
SILC is an easily learnable and performable procedure which is evident from the fact that; during final phase of current study; in 05 cases, procedure was performed by junior consultant under direct supervision of senior.
Thus, in light of the UETA, an email with a signature, particularly one in which a party has typed his or her name at the end of the message, may meet the written contract and signature requirements of the "statute of frauds." The statute of frauds is a contract law widely adopted under state laws that requires certain contracts (typically agreements not performable within one year and real estate agreements) to be signed and in writing.
Therefore, in responding to the choice of a more sensitive, low cost and performable method in the diagnosis laboratory, three methods, namely sucrose gradient, wet mount and formalin-ether in excrement samples of BALB/c mice contaminated with Giardia were investigated.
(i) 3D thermal imaging facilitates quantification, a step not performable with 2D thermal imaging.
The scorecard can act as (1) a "visual performable space" for shared strategy development, (2) a "method of ordering and innovation" that invites employees to debate crucial processes, (3) a "means of interrogation and mediation" for community dialogue, and (4) a "motivating ritual" that provokes recurring discussion.

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