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Relating to or being an utterance that performs an act or creates a state of affairs by the fact of its being uttered under appropriate or conventional circumstances, as a justice of the peace uttering I now pronounce you husband and wife at a wedding ceremony, thus creating a legal union, or as one uttering I promise, thus performing the act of promising.
A performative utterance.

per·for′ma·tiv′i·ty (-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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(pəˈfɔːmətɪv) or


1. (Linguistics)
a. denoting an utterance that constitutes some act, esp the act described by the verb. For example, I confess that I was there is itself a confession, and so is performative in the narrower sense, while I'd like you to meet … (effecting an introduction) is performative only in the looser sense. See also locutionary act, illocution, perlocution
b. (as noun): that sentence is a performative.
2. (Linguistics)
a. denoting a verb that may be used as the main verb in such an utterance
b. (as noun): "promise" is a performative.
perˈformatively adv
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(pərˈfɔr mə tɪv)

1. (of an expression or statement) performing an act by the very fact of being uttered, as “I promise,” which performs the act of promising.
2. a performative utterance.
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[pəˈfɔːmətɪv] N performative (verb)(verbo m ) performativo m
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nperformativer Ausdruck
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On the one hand this type of critique has no effect at all on the justification of the self-ownership axiom using the argument from performative contradiction.
Judith Butler's theory about the performative constitution of identity is based on two fundamental strands.
The author uses the example of a primary school in England during an inspection to understand teachers' experiences of the inspection process and the "notice to improve," how inspectors' reports of a specific school reflect wider national and global policy, and the dilemmas teachers identify when working within a performative framework.
Performative Analysis: Reimagining Music Theory for Performance.
When word and deed become one -- when speaking is acting -- we are often in the presence of what philosophers of language call "performative speech acts," as opposed to "constatives." Part of what's so disorienting about Trump is that he uses speech in a relentlessly performative way.
This process resulted in an ongoing project by Haraki and Toumazis dealing with the performative energy of spaces of history, memory and trauma.
Bullfighting's place in the world of performative art, as well as its morality, are discussed intelligently.
This broadly indicates a performative approach to citizenship that shifts our focus on doing citizenship through making rights claims (Zivi, 2012).
Koziol uses a Frankish 'pseudo-diploma' as the nexus for a linguistic analysis of the terms 'performance' and 'performative', a performance being a ritual representation of action, a performative act being a catalyst of consequential change.
This tension has long been at the core of Judith Butler's contributions to contemporary intellectual life, a fact that is richly confirmed by the publication of Senses of the Subject and Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly.
Levin skillfully draws together such diverse fields as psychoanalysis, war and propaganda, feminist theory, plant and animal biology, and globalization in order to examine the relationship between a subject and its surroundings in an equally diverse range of performative acts, including site-specific performance, performative photography, guerrilla activism, portraiture, and urban mimicry.