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Relating to or being an utterance that performs an act or creates a state of affairs by the fact of its being uttered under appropriate or conventional circumstances, as a justice of the peace uttering I now pronounce you husband and wife at a wedding ceremony, thus creating a legal union, or as one uttering I promise, thus performing the act of promising.
A performative utterance.

per·for′ma·tiv′i·ty (-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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(pəˈfɔːmətɪv) or


1. (Linguistics)
a. denoting an utterance that constitutes some act, esp the act described by the verb. For example, I confess that I was there is itself a confession, and so is performative in the narrower sense, while I'd like you to meet … (effecting an introduction) is performative only in the looser sense. See also locutionary act, illocution, perlocution
b. (as noun): that sentence is a performative.
2. (Linguistics)
a. denoting a verb that may be used as the main verb in such an utterance
b. (as noun): "promise" is a performative.
perˈformatively adv
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(pərˈfɔr mə tɪv)

1. (of an expression or statement) performing an act by the very fact of being uttered, as “I promise,” which performs the act of promising.
2. a performative utterance.
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[pəˈfɔːmətɪv] N performative (verb)(verbo m ) performativo m
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nperformativer Ausdruck
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Because space rock songs tended to be long, meandering, and performatively trippy, they weren't much played on commercial radio, with one notable exception: Pink Floyd.
But the new conspiracism is, Muirhead and Rosenblum write, "something different." If classic conspiracism is corkboards overloaded with index cards and string, the new conspiracism is messy spaghetti tossed angrily and performatively against the wall, sauce and all.
In that situation, such concepts and stories are embedded in young-old image pairings on funeral posters and brochure photo spreads, defining a life and a family visually and performatively as photographs are danced.
Until some point in the nineteenth century, the equivalent term for a generic male Scot was 'Sawney', but Smith, in employing 'Jock' as his character's name and play's title, enables himself to draw tor his drama on both meanings--Scottish common soldier and stereotyped Scot--so marking his character's performatively representational nature in the play.
It is the style of the writing itself, democratically and performatively leavened with quotations he wants to share, that suggests the third way that makes him readable.
This agnosticism might be read as performatively stressing that norms arise from distributed networks rather than from individuals.
While performatively reinforcing one temporal frame, the stinger simultaneously inhabited future grids of intelligibility--of the sting documentary shown during the press conference, the tv news package, and the eventual judicial process.
Like any such attempt to performatively spite liberals, turning the possession of straws into a subversive political action here is part goofy joke, part sincere expression of conviction, and part attempt to inflame the passions of the fishing-trip-avatar-dads who make up their audience, but most importantly a finger in the eye of the Left.
It's tempting to read this as some sort of phallic showdown, or a clash of two performatively masculine leaders, but Trump has not responded similarly on other occasions when Putin has mocked the US and Trump himself, so it's hard to know why this time has produced different results.
For so much of my life, performatively religious men, of any faith, have scared me.
Ever-keen to serve the community, the ECHO helpfuly published a picture of the menu, so Yer Da could zoom in and read it out loud in a performatively incredulous voice, like a struggling observational comedian who's just found an easy way of getting laughs.
So, for example, masculinity can be created performatively by people repeating the words, acts, and practices, in a historical and social context, that are specifically coded masculine.