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One who makes or sells perfumes.


(pəˈfjuːmə) or


(Commerce) a person who makes or sells perfume


(pərˈfyu mər, ˈpɜr fyu-)

1. a maker or seller of perfumes.
2. a person or thing that perfumes.
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Noun1.perfumer - a person who makes (and sells) perfumesperfumer - a person who makes (and sells) perfumes
maker, shaper - a person who makes things


n (= maker)Parfümeur(in) m(f); (= seller)Parfümhändler(in) m(f); (= device)Parfümzerstäuber m
References in classic literature ?
The fiacre stopped at the door of a celebrated perfumer, and the commissionaire, deeming us of too much value to be left on a carriage seat, took us in her hand while she negotiated a small affair with its mistress.
Yesterday she was talking about sachets a la violette; well, our French perfumers, you know very well, madame, for you have over and over again asked for it without success -- our French perfumers, I say, have never been able to procure this scent.
Ask the perfumers, ask the blacking-makers, ask the hatters, ask the old lottery-office-keepers--ask any man among 'em what my poetry has done for him, and mark my words, he blesses the name of Slum.
Rehearsals are well under way for the show which is set in 1930s Berlin and stars Sally Bowles - a captivating cabaret perfumer leading a bohemian life under the ominous presence of the Nazi Party.
AS A PERFUMER, Kate Williams has learned to take the rough with the smooth; the sweet with the positively stomachchurning.
The exhibition is a stunning sensory art experience involving multiple rituals of scent and sound created by music composer Daniel Peter Biro and master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, working with Le Laboratoire Cambridge founder David Edwards and Rachel Field, creators of the emerging technology of oMedia, and designers Baptiste Viala, Laurent Milon, and Charlie Zehnle.
Kuwaiti perfumer Mohammed Ne'emah built a business based on his passion.
completed the acquisitions of perfumer Frederic Malle and GlamGlow last month.
To develop an exquisite, immediately likeable and identifiable aroma that elicits feelings of calm, it takes a village," revealed Guy Vincent, Aveda Head Perfumer.
La Collection De Grasse is an ensemble of unique, distinctive scents, composed by the perfumer in Provence by combining the most exquisite ingredients, two by two.
Lincoln, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), has collaborated with master perfumer, Rene Morgenthaler, to develop an aroma called 'Essence of Lincoln'.
The Ajman Saray beach resort, which is due to open on February 1, is to develop a unique scent in partnership with Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto to remind guests of their stay at the hotel.