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One who makes or sells perfumes.


(pəˈfjuːmə) or


(Commerce) a person who makes or sells perfume


(pərˈfyu mər, ˈpɜr fyu-)

1. a maker or seller of perfumes.
2. a person or thing that perfumes.
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Noun1.perfumer - a person who makes (and sells) perfumesperfumer - a person who makes (and sells) perfumes
maker, shaper - a person who makes things


n (= maker)Parfümeur(in) m(f); (= seller)Parfümhändler(in) m(f); (= device)Parfümzerstäuber m
References in classic literature ?
Yesterday she was talking about sachets a la violette; well, our French perfumers, you know very well, madame, for you have over and over again asked for it without success -- our French perfumers, I say, have never been able to procure this scent.
Ask the perfumers, ask the blacking-makers, ask the hatters, ask the old lottery-office-keepers--ask any man among 'em what my poetry has done for him, and mark my words, he blesses the name of Slum.
He had a closet in his room, fitted up for the purpose, which smelt of the scented soap like a perfumer's shop.
The fiacre stopped at the door of a celebrated perfumer, and the commissionaire, deeming us of too much value to be left on a carriage seat, took us in her hand while she negotiated a small affair with its mistress.
'What does he do, but, lo and behold you, he goes into a perfumer's shop, and wants to buy a bottle of the Madagascar Liquid.'
After one year as assistant perfumer and three years of training with the top IFF perfumers in Paris, she joined the IFF perfume school in January 2006 dividing her time between the Grasse, France and New York schools.
The new facility incorporates a full service creative perfumery and applications lab with two resident perfumers, including the group's director of perfumery.
Home Fragrance and president of Limited Brands, Home Design--received the coveted Legends Award from The American Society of Perfumers (ASP).
Smith & Hawken's new home scent collection was created by award-winning designers, master perfumers and avid gardeners who specialize in fragrances connected to nature.
* The American Society of Perfumers hosted the 2008 Perfumers Choice Awards Nov.
'Cassili' is the scent created by the perfumer for women and was created by perfumers Calice Becker and Nanako Ogi (Givaudan).
As he grew up, so did his interest in fragrances prompting him to spend his money on small bottles of scent and writing letters frequently to the French perfumers Guerlain - known as the 'Vatican of Perfumery' - asking for information.