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A charm worn as protection against mischief and disease; an amulet.

[French périapte, from Greek periapton, from periaptos, hung around : peri-, peri- + haptos, fastened (from haptein, to fasten).]


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) rare a charm or amulet
[C16: via French from Greek periapton, from peri- + haptos clasped, from haptein to fasten]


(ˈpɛr iˌæpt)

an amulet.
[1575–85; < Greek períapton amulet, n. use of neuter of períaptos hung around =peri- peri- + (h)aptós, v. adj. of háptein to fasten]


A charm or amulet worn to protect the wearer against evil.
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A small object worn or kept for its supposed magical power:
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``Thy daughter worketh the cures, I doubt not,'' thus he went on to address the Jew, ``by words and sighs, and periapts, and other cabalistical mysteries.''
Sigils, charms, auspicious stars, auguries, periapts, oracles--all get their own useful entries.
GOOD SAMARITAN A wooden box stands open on the ground, Empty of treasures, bandages perhaps Soaked well in oil their owner used to wrap Up bleeding wounds around this man he found Beside the stream and road, where others bound For worship walk on by, their periapts And tassels keeping them from harm.