pericardial cavity

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Noun1.pericardial cavity - the space between the layers of the pericardium that contains fluid that lubricates the membrane surfaces and allows easy heart movement
bodily cavity, cavum, cavity - (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body
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The Kubes lab, in collaboration with the Fedak lab, found that a specific cell, a Gata6+ pericardial cavity macrophage, helps heal an injured heart in mice.
It seems probable to me that the latter phenomenon occurs only in cases with such fixed adhesions to the diaphragm, even without the obliteration of the remainder of the pericardial cavity. Thus, this prevents the downward sliding motion of the heart on the diaphragm, causing the diaphragm to be pulled upward by the systolic shortening of the heart.
In the OFT wall, a-SMA and MHC were expressed from the proximal pole to the distal pole, and the myocardial OFT was continuous with the aortic sac at the margin of the pericardial cavity [Figure 1]a and [Figure 1]b, arrows].
The pericardium was opened and a cannula was fixed into the pericardial cavity with a pledgeted purse string suture (Figure 1).
The volume of blood ranged from 200 to 1000 ml of blood in the pericardial cavity. Haemothorax, occurred in 4/9 patients.
The topical application of TA into the pericardial cavity is not so frequent in comparison with its systemic use.
In one case, the cytology was negative and no pericardial biopsy was performed; however, a large echogenic mass abutting the proximal free wall of the left ventricle and extending into the base of the pericardial cavity was noted [9].
Approximately 14 mL PCF was drawn after opening the pericardial cavity. Approximately 5 mL BMA was collected by puncturing the lower thoracic vertebrae using a 10 mL syringe connected to a bone marrow needle (Jamshidi 11G; Baxter Healthcare Corp., McGaw, IL).
Raw surfaces from the lysis of adhesions were profusely bleeding, pericardial cavity washed with warm saline and cell saver machine was on standby for use in case of uncontrolled bleeding.
Pneumopericardium is a collection of gas in the pericardial cavity. It is most commonly caused by direct trauma to the pericardial layer surrounding the heart or due to the aggressive resuscitation of preterm neonates with positive pressure ventilation [5,15,16].
David's Medical Center recently became the first facility in the United States to use the EpiAccess System to access the pericardial cavity of the heart during an epicardial ablation, the system's maker, Epicardial Solutions, said on Monday.
However, the new LVAD implants are extremely sophisticated collapsible devices that can be placed in the pericardial cavity and can replace the work of the Left Ventricle in case of a LV failure."