pericardial space

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Noun1.pericardial space - the space between the layers of the pericardium that contains fluid that lubricates the membrane surfaces and allows easy heart movement
bodily cavity, cavum, cavity - (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body
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Two wound drains and a chest tube were placed in the pericardial space.
18) Angiosarcomas arising from the right atrium have a propensity to quickly and dramatically invade the pericardial space (Figure 11).
First, full-support, miniaturized ventricular assist device designed to be placed in the pericardial space to receive approval in Canada -
A noted heterogeneous signal on T2-weighted imaging may be related to infiltration of the pericardial space with hemorrhagic and necrotic material (6).
The HeartWare device - 2 inches in diameter - is placed in the pericardial space, the sac that is around the heart, according to Dr.
There is only 1 case in the literature (8) involving a 17-year-old patient who developed an anterior left ventricle abscess that subsequently ruptured into the pericardial space.
Ultrasound examination of the abdomen and pericardial space may facilitate an early clinical diagnosis of TB in smear-negative HIV-positive patients while awaiting bacteriological evidence of active TB.
Therefore, maintaining chest tube (CT) patency is critically important to prevent the compartmentalization of fluid within the pericardial space.
Transesophageal echocardiography then revealed a tumor adjacent to the right atrial wall along with extensive tumor burden in the pericardial space adherent to the right heart chambers (Fig.
It involves accessing the pericardial space with Comedicus' PerDUCER(r) pericardial access device and inserting an adjustable MRI coil into the pericardial space through a catheter.
About Cormedics Cormedics is an innovative medical device company focused on developing novel and disruptive technologies that selectively treat the entire heart with drug, cell, gene, and device therapies by introduction into the pericardial space.