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n. pericardiectomía, excisión parcial o total del pericardio.
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that looked at the effects of a pericardiectomy on the right and left ventricular filling and showed that the filling of the ventricles is restricted by the pericardium (15).
Contemporary etiologies, risk factors, and outcomes after pericardiectomy. Ann Thorac Surg 2012; 94(2): 445-51.
The patient underwent pericardiectomy on January 14, 2016.
The patient underwent pericardial drainage and pericardiectomy. Pericardial fluid cell count was significant for red blood cells of >700 k, as expected in this disease [2].
Omar, "Diagnosis and management of purulent pericarditis: Experience with pericardiectomy," The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, vol.
Partial pericardiectomy was then attempted through median sternotomy with frozen section, which revealed a neoplastic process.
Pericardial constriction due to IgG4-related disease, once clinically manifested, often requires biopsy followed by surgical pericardiectomy. In our patient we were planning these procedures due to the worsening of pericardial pathology; however, we observed an impressive and prompt response to glucocorticoids with an almost complete resolution of the pericardial constriction after 5 weeks, as documented by the instrumental echocardiographic follow-up.
He returned two weeks later with same symptoms and again found to have reaccumulating pericardial fluid requiring urgent anterior pericardiectomy. Menotti A, Imperadore Malignant lymphoma Right atrial rupture F, Pelosi G.
A total excision of the tumour and a focal pericardiectomy were performed.
Despite what is reported in the literature, no further intervention of pericardiectomy was required in our patient, who responded to the standard medical therapy for postpericardiotomy syndrome.
(6) reported that after they performed complete resection, lobectomy combined with tumor extirpation was also required for three patients, additional partial resection of the lung was required for five patients, and pericardiectomy was required for seven patients.
[2] Patient underwent pericardiectomy with an uneventful perioperative period (Figure 3).