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n. pericardiectomía, excisión parcial o total del pericardio.
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The patient underwent pericardiectomy on January 14, 2016.
6) reported that after they performed complete resection, lobectomy combined with tumor extirpation was also required for three patients, additional partial resection of the lung was required for five patients, and pericardiectomy was required for seven patients.
2] Patient underwent pericardiectomy with an uneventful perioperative period (Figure 3).
Constrictive pericarditis: etiology and cause-specific survival after pericardiectomy.
The difficult diagnosis, the poor understanding of the underlying cause and the high risk of pericardiectomy should be noted as main features of this severe disease.
A limited anterior surgical pericardiectomy has been shown to result in a higher recurrence of constriction than a radical and complete pericardial resection.
He was then referred to a specialised cardiology unit for pericardiectomy.
While many patients may be treated with steroids, most require pericardiectomy which is more difficult given the visceral predominate disease.
Due to the grave prognosis, the owners declined endoscopic pericardiectomy, and the patient died the following day.
Gosal T, Phillipp R, Morris AL (2008) Myocardial infarction and left ventricular free wall rupture in a patient with prior pericardiectomy.
The staples on the stump of the left common pulmonary vein on the atrial side were removed to adjust the augmented orifice of the left inferior pulmonary vein under partial clamping of the left atrium following pericardiectomy.