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n.1.(Med.) Inflammation of the perichondrium.
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Since diabetes and perichondritis are known to be associated, we recommend that for patients who present with recurrent episodes of perichondritis, a basic metabolic panel and measurement of the glycosylated hemoglobin level be added to standard autoimmune laboratory testing to possibly identify undiagnosed diabetes.
aeruginosa or other gram-negative bacteria resistant to all other oral antimicrobial drugs Joint and bone infections, epididymo-orchitis, prostatitis, or perichondritis of the pinna suspected or proven to be caused by gram-negative or -positive bacteria resistant to all other appropriate antimicrobial drugs Gonorrhea Topical, ear Treatment of chronic 24.
Endobronchial biopsy may show perichondritis and mixed inflammatory infiltration, including lymphocytes, plasma cells, and eosinophils.
14) Local causes other than frostbite include trauma, inflammation, chondritis, and perichondritis.
Among noninfectious cases, granulomatous perichondritis of the nasal ala, sarcoidlike foreign body reaction from multiple piercing, paraphimosis from a distal penis pierce, and speech impairment, together with difficulty in chewing and swallowing from oral jewelry, have been reported (1,2,9,10).
Auricular ossification has also been associated with inflammatory conditions such as chondritis, perichondritis, and syphilitic perichondritis, as well as with neoplasms such as nevi of the face, pilomatrixoma, and chondroid syringoma.