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A variety of albite occurring as elongated white crystals.

[From Greek periklinēs, sloping on all sides : peri-, peri- + klīnein, to slope; see klei- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Minerals) a white translucent variety of albite in the form of elongated crystals
2. (Geological Science) Also called: dome a dome-shaped formation of stratified rock with its slopes following the direction of folding
[C19: from Greek periklinēs sloping on all sides, from peri- + klinein to lean]
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Euhedral to subhedral plagioclase (andesine) phenocrysts are often markedly zoned and show polysynthetic twining according to albite or pericline laws.
In their room in the Holiday Inn the Olsons were offering many good ex-Schlichter thumbnails of worldwide provenance, as well as most of Ernie's large stash of self-collected albite ("pericline") specimens from the Aggregate Industries (Tilcon, Bluestone) quarry, Acushnet, Bristol County, Massachusetts.