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n. pl. pe·ric·o·pes or pe·ric·o·pae (-pē′)
An extract or selection from a book, especially a reading from a Scripture that forms part of a church service.

[Late Latin pericopē, from Greek perikopē, a cutting around, section, from perikoptein, to cut around : peri-, peri- + koptein, to cut.]

pe·ric′o·pal (pə-rĭk′ə-pəl), per′i·cop′ic (pĕr′ĭ-kŏp′ĭk) adj.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) a selection from a book, esp a passage from the Bible read at religious services
[C17: via Late Latin from Greek perikopē piece cut out, from peri- + kopē a cutting]
pericopic, pericopal adj
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s argument would be better served with more focused exegetical attention to individual pericopes.
This procedure presents visually recognizable omissions and additions that characterize the relationship of Jubilees to Genesis, and it leads to the establishment of semantic pericopes.
How we resolve this issue has ramifications for our understanding of both pericopes, for the character of Saul, and even for our view of David, one of the most important figures of the Hebrew Bible.
This is clearly at the heart of our Jeremiah and Lucan pericopes.
In this volume he has analyzed nearly 3000 specific literary pericopes, searching for their import regarding attitudes on sexuality in the ancient Judaism that produced two separate historic streams of Jewish theology: Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity.
3) pericopes are more closely allied to each other than either is to the (first) creation week story.
It therefore comes as something of a surprise to read Celia Chazelle's magnificent exegesis of an ivory crucifixion scene originally made for Charles the Bald (now the cover of the Pericopes of Henry II in Munich).
Surprisingly, Garff himself locates the interpretive key not in the diary entries themselves, which recount Kierkegaard's side of the troubled courtship, but in the six interspersed pericopes, each of which tell "a tale about a person who had once abandoned himself to his sensual desires and who is now marked by the consequences of his fall, morally as well as physically" (342).
Descriptions of the Buddha's fame and of the behavior of visitors are standard pericopes in the discourses found in the Pali Nikayas and in the Chinese Agamas, hence these differences between the Saleyyaka-sutta and its Samyukta-agama parallel merely show that these pericopes were at times applied to different occasions.
In this commentary for Gospel pericopes assigned to Sundays and calendar Solemnities (e.
10) This technique is essentially the same as that which the rabbis called [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], lexical analogy, in which deductions are made from linkages created by the presence of lexical analogies common to the two pericopes.
Scholars have commented on the affinities of Ancrene Wisse's style to sermon literature, (83) and these initial citations correspond to pericopes at the start of a homily.