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 (pĕr′ĭ-dŏt′, -dō′)
A yellowish-green variety of olivine used as a gem.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman peridout, from Medieval Latin peridotus, from alteration of Latin paederōs, paederōt-, a kind of gemstone, from Greek paiderōs paiderōt- (literally, "boy-love"), a kind of plant (perhaps a species of hawthorn) offered to Aphrodite, a kind of gemstone used as a love charm : Greek pais, paid-, child, boy; see pau- in Indo-European roots + Greek erōs, erōt-, erotic love.]

per′i·dot′ic (-dŏt′ĭk, -dō′tĭk) adj.


1. (Geological Science) of, relating to, or containing peridot
2. (Geological Science) of, relating to, or containing peridotite
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Mineralization (pyrite, stibnite, orpiment, and realgar), overlain by 0-600 ft alluvium, is hosted in calcareous and non-calcareous shales and calcarenites interlayered with basaltic tuffs and basaltic to peridotic flows and sills.