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The point in an orbit around the planet Jupiter where the orbiting body is closest to the planet.

[peri- + Jove (on the model of perigee).]
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Noun1.perijove - periapsis in orbit around Jupiter
periapsis, point of periapsis - (astronomy) the point in an orbit closest to the body being orbited
apojove - apoapsis in orbit around Jupiter
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Juno loops around Jupiter once every 53 days, whizzing in for a closest approach, or perijove, of about 4,300 km (2,700 miles) above the cloudtops.
Juno reached perijove - the point at which a satellite's orbit comes closest to Jupiter's center - on July 10 at 9:55 p.
18), and its "public outreach" camera, JunoCam, started imaging at the first perijove (closest approach to the planet) 7% weeks later.
amp;nbsp;Until then, scientists at the space agency will continue analyzing data collected during the first perijove pass on Aug.
The view is a mosaic of three images taken just minutes apart from each other, about four hours after the perijove pass while the spacecraft was moving away from Jupiter.