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The point in an orbit around the moon where the orbiting body is closest to the moon.

[peri- + Latin lūna, moon; see lune.]


(Astronautics) the point in a lunar orbit when a spacecraft launched from the moon is nearest the moon. Compare apolune, pericynthion
[C20: from peri- + -lune, from Latin lūna moon]


(ˈpɛr ɪˌlun)

the point in a lunar orbit that is nearest to the moon.
[1955–60; peri- + -lune < Latin lūna moon]


in orbit around a moon, the point nearest the moon. Cf. apolune.
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the closest point to the moon in a lunar orbit, as that of a spacecraft. Also called pericynthion.
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Noun1.perilune - periapsis in orbit around the moon
periapsis, point of periapsis - (astronomy) the point in an orbit closest to the body being orbited
apolune, aposelene - apoapsis in orbit around the moon
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