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1. Mathematics
a. A closed line bounding a plane area.
b. The length of such a line.
2. The outer limits of an area. See Synonyms at circumference.
3. A defended boundary protecting a military position.
4. Basketball The three-point line.

[Middle English perimetre, from Latin perimetros, from Greek : peri-, peri- + metron, measure; see meter2.]

per′i·met′ric (pĕr′ə-mĕt′rĭk), per′i·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
per′i·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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Methods of fixed-size regionalization: (a) strips; (b) perimetric strips; (c) circular; (d) rectangular; (e) angular.
com)-- The perimetric lifeline of all online retail businesses nowadays depend on robust mobile commerce solutions.
The Enterprise gets the touch screen, air con, parking sensors, cruise control and a perimetric and volumetric alarm as standard.
However these cannot be compared accurately due to different perimetric techniques used in all these studies as compared to our study.
Visual field was interpreted using quantitative perimetric indices.
Few of these sites belong to the least disturbed area (A and B), but the others are more affected by urbanization and are influenced by the perimetric wastewater channel that runs alongside to the wetland.
Perimetric visual testing (a measurement of the field of vision) was conducted first with the device, followed by a control frame (regular eyewear) of similar color and temple width.
Available in both stand-alone and wall-mounted versions, the Perimetric oven hood by Jenn-Air is named for the ventilation slots that line its border.
They were correlated with localized retinal nerve fiber layer defects, neuroretinal rim notches, and circumscribed perimetric loss.
The EndoEZE system (Ultradent Products, South Jordan, USA) was designed to promote a perimetric or circumferential preparation of coronal and middle thirds of root canals; however, when compared to FlexMaster, neither system was capable of completely preparing oval root canals.