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n. perimetrio, membrana exterior del útero.
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The investigators thought that pain was more related to perimetrium dissection, colpotomy, and other parts of the operation.
The term metra is also contained in other anatomical terms related to the uterus: endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium. Commonly, ovary and uterine tube are clinically unified by the term adnexa uteri and used in terms like adnexitis and adnexectomia, while being foreign to anatomical terminology.
The uterus incision was closed in a continuous interlocking manner in a single layer and the endometrium, myometrium, and perimetrium layers facing each other (entering from the perimetrium and exiting from endometrium boundary; entering from endometrium boundary and exiting from perimetrium boundary) using absorbable 1-0 Vicryl suture (Ethicon, Piscataway, NJ).
Perimetrium and myometrium were also positive for sFRP3 expression [37].
For a subset of fibroids, two numbers may be applicable, the first one referring to the relationship with the endometrium and the second one with the perimetrium. This possibility can indirectly imply the size of a myoma, which for instance extend throughout the uterine wall protruding into the uterine cavity and concurrently distort the outline of the uterus (types 2-5) (Figure 1).