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Noun1.perinatologist - an obstetrician specializing in perinatology
accoucheur, obstetrician - a physician specializing in obstetrics


n. perinatólogo-a, especialista en perinatología.
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Pauli is Associate Professor and Attending Perinatologist, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Penn State Health, Milton S.
3, she went for an ultrasound because her perinatologist noticed that one of her twins had more fluids.
Perinatologist Charlotte Clausen delivers many of the babies who end up in the NICU.
Put plainly, you don't have to be a perinatologist to know that a child's time in the womb isn't spent in a state of suspended animation.
At this time, a perinatologist was consulted, who agreed that the benefits of the patient receiving interventional therapy outweighed the risks of not receiving treatment.
All of the transfusions were performed by experienced perinatologist with ultrasound (Volusun 730 PRO 4D ultrasound device).
She's teamed up with renowned perinatologist Vincenzo Berghella to make the book a medial reference, as well as a self-help title.
The books did not reflect our lives in the sense of women getting along, women having positive relationships with men, women actually having jobs, and enjoying their jobs, enjoying life," says Donna Neale, 46, a perinatologist.
She concluded this presentation by stating that at Yale University their management of PCOS consists of a multidisciplinary approach wherein reproductive endocrinologists, perinatologist, nutritionist, social workers, psychiatric support, pulmonary, bariatric surgery and dermatologist all work together to help these patients.
DL was referred to the perinatologist in the authors' hospital system and had her first visit with him and his nurse practitional(NP)/nurse manager on December 13.