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n. pl. per·i·ne·a (-nē′ə)
1. The portion of the body in the pelvis occupied by urogenital passages and the rectum, bounded in front by the pubic arch, in the back by the coccyx, and laterally by part of the hipbone.
2. The region between the scrotum and the anus in males, and between the posterior vulva junction and the anus in females.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin perinaeon, from Greek perinaion : peri-, peri- + inān, to excrete.]

per′i·ne′al (-nē′əl) adj.
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Adj.1.perineal - of or relating to the perineum; "perineal pains"


a. perineal, rel. al perineo.


adj perineal
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Compared with myocutaneous flap reconstruction, biological meshes could simplify the perineal reconstruction, shorten operative time, and avoid flap-related complications.
This sixth edition adds 39 new chapters, covering laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery, incontinence and pelvic floor surgery, and perineal reconstruction, for a grand total of 83 chapters in nine sections.
Bilateral V-Y advancement gluteal flaps are a viable solution for perineal reconstruction in patients who have suffered radical vulvectomy and partial vaginectomy.