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n. pl. per·i·neph·ri·a (-rē-ə)
The connective and fatty tissue surrounding a kidney.

[New Latin, from Greek perinephros, fat around the kidneys : peri-, peri- + nephros, kidney.]

per′i·neph′ral (-nĕf′rəl), per′i·neph′ri·al (-rē-əl), per′i·neph′ric (-rĭk) adj.
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a. perinefrítico-a, rel. a o cercano al riñón.
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adj perirrenal
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Catalano et al reported sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV and diagnostic accuracy of contrast enhanced computed tomography (CT) in detecting perinephric fat infiltration renal cell carcinoma patients was 96.0%, 93.0%, 100.0%, 93.0% and 95.0% respectively12.
Lewi and Scott (7) pointed out three correlations between nephrocutaneous fistula and renal stones: 1) presentation with perinephric abscess, 2) presence of staghorn stone in the non-functioning kidney, 3) presence of peripherically located stones in radiography.
It predisposes some serious complications with other diseases such as xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis, perinephric abscess, emphysematous, renal abscess and UTI.3,4 Delayed diagnosis can be seen due to the atypical symptoms.5
Ultrasonography (US) revealed the left kidney with increased parenchymal echogenicity and multi septated perinephric collection.
The most important and most common complications are acute rejection, acute tubular necrosis, renal artery thrombosis, renal vein thrombosis, perinephric fluid collections, urinary obstruction, renal artery stenosis, aneurysmal dilatation of the renal artery, arteriovenous fistula, and chronic rejection.
Three Minor A complications (all perinephric hematomas) were observed in the TAE+PCA group.
Most perinephric abscesses result from ascending infection or dissemination from other sites of infection.
The kidney was surrounded by perinephric fat, which had pushed the abdominal organs inferiorly and medially (Figure 1).
Alcoholics, diabetics, and immunosuppressed patients remain at high risk of splenic abscess formation (6) and extension from a contiguous focus of infection (e.g., pancreatic, subphrenic, and perinephric areas) can also cause suppurative splenic lesions.
Perinephric urinoma secondary to neurogenic bladder with vesicoureteral reflux: report of an adult case.
She was transferred from a community hospital with intermittent, visible hematuria, urosepsis and a chronic perinephric abscess.
There was no evidence of hydronephrosis, hydroureter or perinephric collections.