periodic attractor

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pe·ri·od·ic attractor

n. Mathematics
In the phase space of a dynamical system, an attractor consisting of two or more points between which periodic motion occurs. Also called limit-cycle.
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(b) Periodic attractor, [rho] = 23.9 in ([w.sub.1], [w.sub.3], [w.sub.5]).
Therefore, it is obvious that the periodic attractor of the supercavitating vehicle is a hidden attractor.
When the bifurcation parameter [] decreases, the attractor "annulus" loses its stability and the phase trajectory is attracted to the periodic attractor consisting of two points (see Figure 3.8).
With target to different initial launching conditions, the lower the value of k, the smaller the attraction basin of stable equilibrium point and periodic attractor and the weaker the robustness of the system, and hence supercavitating vehicle is more sensitive to external interferences and becomes unstable.
One can see from Figure 7(a) that system (3a)-(3c) can exhibit either chaotic or periodic attractor depending on the initial conditions.
Dai, "The existence of exponential periodic attractor of impulsive BAM neural network with periodic coefficients and distributed delays," Neurocomputing, vol.
In both cases a stable periodic attractor is born which has the physical interpretation of a traveling wave.

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