periodic movement

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Noun1.periodic movement - motion that recurs over and over and the period of time required for each recurrence remains the same
motion, movement - a natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something
harmonic motion - a periodic motion in which the displacement is either symmetrical about a point or is the sum of such motions
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A spokesman for the Metal Improvement Company said: "During our last earnings call, we noted the following: "What we experience across the globe in all of our locations is a periodic movement or closure of a plant in a particular location, and our services are no longer needed in that location.
Patients were stratified according to frequency of leg movements during sleep: 45% had frequent leg movements, defined as a Periodic Movement Index [PMI] of more than 35 per hour, and 55% had infrequent leg movements, defined as a PMI of 35 or fewer movements per hour.
It remains to be seen how fans react to this latest change after periodic movement behind the scenes - and none of it for the improvement of the team on the park.

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