periodic table

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Periodic Table

Periodic Table

n. Chemistry
The tabular arrangement of the elements according to their atomic numbers so that elements with similar properties are in the same column.
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periodic table

(Chemistry) a table of the elements, arranged in order of increasing atomic number, based on the periodic law. Elements having similar chemical properties and electronic structures appear in vertical columns (groups)
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pe′ri•od′ic ta′ble

art at peripheral
(ˈpɪər iˈɒd ɪk, ˌpɪər-)
a table in which the chemical elements, arranged according to their atomic numbers, are shown in related groups.
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Pe·ri·od·ic Table

A table in which the chemical elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number. Elements with similar properties are arranged in the same column (called a group), and elements with the same number of electron shells are arranged in the same row (called a period).
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Noun1.periodic table - (chemistry) a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements according to atomic number as based on the periodic lawperiodic table - (chemistry) a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements according to atomic number as based on the periodic law
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
table, tabular array - a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"
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periodieke tabel
جدول دوري
периодична система на елементите
taula periòdica
clasificación periódicatabla periódica
جدول تناوبی
jaksollinen järjestelmä
tableau périodique
הטבלה המחזורית
periodni sustav elemenata
periódusos rendszer
tabella periodic
tabel periodik
systema periodicum
periodinė elementų lentelė
ķīmisko elementu periodiskā tabula
periodiek systeem
układ okresowy pierwiastków
tabela periódica
periodiska systemet
periyodik tablo

periodic table

n (Chem) the periodic tablela tavola periodica degli elementi
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Release date- 14082019 - The periodic table has been a vital foundational tool for material research since it was first created 150 years ago.
According to the NTSEC, the United Nations has designated 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.
On his first attempt of the day, more than 150 supporters watched as Zidane placed the last, homemade mosaic tile into place, perfectly completing the periodic table of elements and breaking the Guinness world record for fastest arrangement of the periodic table of elements.
But mention of the periodic table lit some nostalgic spark in my brain, taking me back to the chemistry lab at school and to the big poster on the wall which included all the elements in the world, each of them represented by a number and either one or two letters.
And so -- I was at a loose end, remember; not much happens in terms of news on New Year's Day -- my mind began to work on a version of the periodic table that, instead of representing elements, represented different bits of North East life.
The periodic table was described as 'extremely fragile' and 'flaked upon handling.' It looked similar, but not quite identical, to the second periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev formulated in 1871.
The periodic table is arguably the most important tool a chemist uses.
Using the periodic table as a categorical device, the featured women are divided into "chemical" groups to show how the women and the battles they fought speak to each other across time and geography: Precious Metals: the face of the movements, like Simone De Beauvoir and Gloria Steinem; Catalysts: Pioneers and fire-starters, like Susan B.
Next year will mark the 150th anniversary of the formulation of the periodic table created by Dmitry Mendeleev.
Periodic Tables Unifying Living Organisms at the Molecular Level: The Predictive Power of the Law of Periodicity
For now, we can all cherish our periodic table completed down to the seventh row."

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