periodontal membrane

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per′iodon′tal mem′brane

the collagenous, fibrous connective tissue between the cementum of the tooth and the alveolus.
Also called per′iodon′tal lig′ament.
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The presence and properties of stem cells in the pulp of human deciduous and permanent teeth, the periodontal membrane and the dental sac are also discussed.
The removal of the outer epithelium is perhaps acting similarly to a periodontal membrane, delaying the downgrowth of epithelial cells and allowing more time for a connective tissue attachment to form, which takes five times longer [31].
INTRODUCTION: Peripheral giant cell granuloma is a relatively frequent benign reactive lesion of the oral cavity, originating from the periosteum or periodontal membrane following local irritation or chronic trauma.
OF demonstrates female predominance and is thought to arise from the periodontal membrane, surrounding tooth roots, and most often presents with painless swelling of the mandible or incidental finding on routine dental radiographs.

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