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1. Surrounding or encasing a tooth: a periodontal ligament.
2. Relating to or affecting tissue and structures surrounding and supporting the teeth.

per′i·o·don′tal·ly adv.


(Dentistry) dentistry with respect to periodontal tissue
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Traditional orthodontic therapy typically takes longer duration of time to achieve desired results and in present day scenario where patients are eager to get their orthodontic treatment completed as early as possible, corticotomy procedure also known as Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) fastens the treatment time when compared to traditional orthodontic therapy.
Crestal basal implants were placed after extracting all upper periodontally involved teeth.
Previous research has shown that periodontally healthy sites have greater numbers of endogenous beneficial species than diseased sites.
In fact, development of the profession has reached an impasse in those countries, with "trained" dental assistants performing dental hygiene functions at what periodontally oriented specialists consider a cosmetic level.
actinomycetemcomitans in Chinese chronic periodontitis patients and periodontally healthy adults.
Rapidly (< 10 min) measures MMP-8 in saliva from healthy and periodontally diseased subjects.
Those individuals with caries trauma attrition of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth asymmetric mandibular arch forms missing teeth prosthetic replacements se- verely crowded/spaced lower arches and periodontally compromised dentition were excluded from the sample.
minocycline hydrochloride) used in conjunction with SRP in the reduction of periodontal pocket depths in periodontally involved HIV positive adults is comparable to the results achieved in a healthy population.
With the authorization of a collaborating dentist, the therapist could also provide restorative services including ART, perform class I through V restorations, place preformed crowns, perform pulpotomies on primary teeth and nonsurgically extract primary and periodontally diseased permanent teeth.
The periodontitis has been singled out as one of the main causes of dental mortality after 45 years of age, (15) and has been associated to serious negative impacts on quality of life of periodontally susceptible individuals.
Increased retention and stability of the overden- ture can be achieved by lengthening the vertical wall contact between abutment teeth and the denture base but in periodontally compromised teeth it is not possible because only by preparing the abutment into dome shaped can improve the crown root ratio which will reduce mobility.
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