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Inflammation of the periosteum.

per′i·os·tit′ic (-tĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Anatomy) inflammation of the periosteum
periostitic adj
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Radiographic features of psoriatic arthritis are erosions, asymmetric involvement of the joints of the fingers and toes, resorption and pencil in the cup deformity, joint space narrowing, bony spurs, periostitis and asymmetrical spinal involvement.
Some characteristic radiographic markers seen with PsA include "pencil-in-cup" changes of digital joints, especially the distal interphalangeal joint (DIP), periostitis, joint ankylosis, osteolysis, and sacroiliac changes; however, these are more likely to be seen with advanced disease.
Chronic voriconazole therapy can produce a syndrome of painful periostitis, the etiology of which is a subacute fluoride toxicity.
Heel spur syndrome (calcaneal spur syndrome), painful heel syndrome, runner's heel, subcalcaneal pain, calcaneodynia, and calcaneal periostitis are the synonyms of PF (5).
Five of these include: zone of transition (ZOT), presence or absence of periostitis, location in the bone, pattern of osseous destruction, and age of the patient, along with associated symptoms.
Pachydermoperiostosis is very rare, and its clinical and radiological presentations can be confused with those of syphilitic periostitis, psoriatic onychopachydermoperiostitis (POPP), Paget's disease, and, especially, acromegaly.
Trochanteric Bursitis - Painful periostitis of the outer femur (Hip) ?
Repetitive eccentric contractions of the soleus muscle can cause fasciitis or periostitis along the insertion site (Michael and Holder, 1985).
3 reveals marked endosteal and trabecular resorption of tibia and fibula as well as distal third fibular periostitis change.
Because frequencies, or crude prevalence of a pathological condition, can differ significantly from true prevalence, rates of linear enamel hypoplasias (LEH), porotic hyperostosis, periostitis, dental caries and antemortem tooth loss were calculated using odds ratios and G tests relative to age (Sokal & Rolf 1995; Waldron 2007; Klaus & Tam 2009, 2010; Klaus et al.
Another prominent sign is periostitis, which is the inflammation of connective tissues that lie on the outer layer of the bones.
If the infection extends to the facial and maxillary bones, periostitis or osteomyelitis may develop.