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also per·i·pe·ti·a  (pĕr′ə-pə-tē′ə, -tī′ə)
A sudden change of events or reversal of circumstances, especially in a literary work.

[Greek, from peripiptein, peripet-, to change suddenly : peri-, peri- + piptein, to fall; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˌpɛrɪpɪˈtaɪə; -ˈtɪə) or




(Theatre) (esp in drama) an abrupt turn of events or reversal of circumstances
[C16: from Greek, from peri- + piptein to fall (to change suddenly, literally: to fall around)]
ˌperipeˈteian, ˌperipeˈtian adj


or per•i•pe•ti•a

(ˌpɛr ə pɪˈtaɪ ə, -ˈti ə)

n., pl. -tei•as or -ti•as.
a sudden turn of events or an unexpected reversal, esp. in a literary work.
[1585–95; < Greek peripéteia sudden change]

peripeteia, peripetia, peripety

Literature. a sudden change in the course of events, especially in dramatic works.
See also: Drama
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Noun1.peripeteia - a sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of circumstances (especially in a literary work); "a peripeteia swiftly turns a routine sequence of events into a story worth telling"
surprise - a sudden unexpected event
References in classic literature ?
Besides which, the most powerful elements of emotional: interest in Tragedy Peripeteia or Reversal of the Situation, and Recognition scenes--are parts of the plot.
In Aristotle, the moment of anagnorisis (recognition, self-knowledge) ideally coincides with the peripeteia, the reversal of fortune contrary to expectation--and it is one's own unintended deeds, their meaning come fully to light, that effect the narrative shift from well-being to sorrow.
Much like a Baroque composer, Horne establishes the hubris and peripeteia theme of his fugue using the Russo-Japanese War as the exposition, and then presents the theme in new ways using different battles and their actors.
This peripeteia can be summarized as "To-Day a Mistress, To-Morrow a Slave," a chapter title from William Wells Brown's Clotel; Or, The President's Daughter (1853, 143).
They are the film Peripeteia (2012) by John Akomfrah, which was shown at Newcastle's Tyneside Cinema earlier this year, and the installation Dispossession by Kader Attia.
En este sentido, la teofania esta totalmente asociada a la anagnorisis, y se completa con la peripeteia o cambio emocional extremo que hace que los participantes en la celebracion comunitaria pasen from grief to joy, esto es, de la pena producida por el asesinato a la alegria generada por la resurreccion del Daimon.
Among those that could be enumerated as formal matters, and that we could also call 'technical', are: The fact that the text is mostly built in the shape of dramatic monologue; The acts and interacts do not count with rare exceptions--on elements of Attic tragedy, either, are not easily detectable elements like 'hybris, moira, peripeteia, denouement, desis'--commonly constituents of the tragedies in general, even the current ones.
Only we as readers know that the characters are both acting in the dramatic time of a play, complete with peripeteia, and, by implication rather than by action, completing a major phase of their lives in the narrative medium of epic time.
La peripeteia se evidencia en la adopcion hecha por los reyes de las naciones extranjeras que asumen la funcion de padres (protectores o tutores: participio qal [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]) del pueblo israelita que regresa a Sion.
His gifts for resonant dialogue, sexual frictions, graphic violence, and peripeteia have been well noted for over three decades by readers and critics who relish the extravagances of getting lost beyond the pale.
The play works around to an Aristotelian peripeteia, as the situations of Prometheus and Jupiter are reversed, but neither seems to have learned anything from the experience.
These are the last words she says to Stiller until he resurfaces in Zurich seven years later under the new identity of Jim White, and thus form the climax and peripeteia of the novel.