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The region between the cytoplasmic membrane and the outer cell membrane in gram-negative bacteria and some archaea.

per′i·plas′mic adj.
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(Biology) biology the region between the outer wall and the inner cytoplasmic membrane of a biological (esp bacterial) cell
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Hence, pelB leader peptides were used to allow translocation of unfolded recombinant protein to the oxidizing space of periplasm. The disulphide bonds have an important role in correct folding of recombinant proteins that lead to high stability.
Plasmid mediated AmpC b-lactamases are thought to have originated from chromosomes of several enterobacteriaceae species and are infrequently inducible.4 Plasmids carrying genes for AmpC b-lactamases often carry multiple resistant genes, including genes for resistance to aminoglycosides, quinolones, chloramphenicol, sulfonamide, tetracycline, and trimethoprim as well as genes for other b-lactamases such as CTX-M-3.5 AmpC enzymes are located in periplasm, typically having molecular mass of 34 to 40 kDa and isoelectric points of >8.0.4 Plasmids with these genes can spread among members of the family Enterobacteriaceae and have been documented in many countries.6
###stituents of the periplasm and cytoplasm.128 As a naturally occurring process, bacteria have the capacity to
coli DsbA signal peptide was added to the N-terminal sequences enabling Sec-dependent secretion to the periplasm. pGVXN150: GtExoA is ampicillin resistant and L-(+)-arabinose inducible.
The latter is characterized by the invasion of the prey periplasm while the former are not capable of penetrating into their prey.
Accordingly, strain 10B during the stationary growth phase accumulated the biosynthesized AgNPs at the periplasm for external extrusion by the efflux system to maintain homeostasis [46].
benthamiana leaves indicated that TGBp1L88 is localized in the nuclear membrane and forms discrete aggregates in the nucleolus, while TGBp1P88 is localized in the nuclear periplasm [23].
The acyl chains are directed toward the periplasm suggesting that flipping occurs after a conformational change to open the periplasmic side of MsbA; however, examination of the hydrophobicity of MsbA (Figure 14(b)) suggests that the requisite translation has already occurred with the acyl chains already extending to the periplasmic leaflet of the inner membrane [104].
Perhaps the first step involves KPC [beta]-lactamase that hydrolyzes a relatively low concentration of imipenem entering the periplasm. This allows some subpopulations to survive.
Extracellular sequestration is the accumulation of metal ions by cellular components in the periplasm or complexation of metal ions as insoluble compounds.