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Adj.1.perirhinal - near the nose
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Lesions on the rat perirhinal cortex spare the acquisition of a complex configural visual discrimination yet impair object recognition.
Ces etudes ont demontre que les effets facilitateurs de l'emotion sur la memoire peuvent etre attribues a l'implication de l'amygdale et son interaction avec le systeme mnesique du lobe temporal median (comprenant l'hippocampe, le cortex entorhinal, perirhinal et parahippocampique).
Moreover, recollection and familiarity seem to rest on different neuro-anatomic bases (hippocampus and perirhinal cortex, respectively; e.
sup][20] Recognition memory encoding, consolidation, and retrieval have conventionally been considered to be hippocampus-independent processes, and they are associated with the neural activity of the perirhinal cortex.
An experimental test of the role of postsynaptic calcium levels in determining synaptic strength using perirhinal cortex of rat.
Aging-related changes in calcium-binding proteins in rat perirhinal cortex.
The significance of using fruit flies is that while their brain structure is much simpler with far fewer neurons, the mushroom body is analogous to the perirhinal cortex in humans, which serves the same function of sensory integration and learning.
Neither ''object-in-place'' or ''temporal order recognition'' memories could be formed if communication between the hippocampus and either the perirhinal cortex, or the medial prefrontal cortex, was broken.
During the operation, surgeons extracted two slivers of tissue, one from each side of the brain: the front half of the hippocampus along with nearby entorhinal, perirhinal, and parahippocampal cortices.
Recognition memory: what are the roles of the perirhinal cortex and hippocampus?
Memory and language impairments and their relationships to hipocampal and perirhinal cortex damage in patients with medial temporal lobe epilepsy.
Long disturbance of nasal breath results in development of a range of troubles, including chronic rhinitis, a pathology of perirhinal bosoms, an acoustical pipe and middle ear, inflammatory diseases of nasopharynx, a throat and the bottom departments of respiratory ways, negatively affects functioning of cardiovascular system, causes the whole complex of neurologic disturbances (Yunusov and Bogomilskiy, 2001; 2003; Khorov and Shamrilo, 2007; Kryukov, Tsarapkin, Turovskiy, and Kirilenko, 2008).