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plan of the Temple of Apollo
Thermon, Greece


1. A series of columns surrounding a building or enclosing a court.
2. A court enclosed by columns.

[French péristyle, from Latin peristȳlum, from Greek peristūlon, from neuter of peristūlos, surrounded by columns : peri-, peri- + stūlos, pillar; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

per′i·sty′lar (-stī′lər) adj.
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1. (Architecture) a colonnade that surrounds a court or building
2. (Architecture) an area that is surrounded by a colonnade
[C17: via French from Latin peristӯlum, from Greek peristulon, from peri- + stulos column]
ˌperiˈstylar adj
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(ˈpɛr əˌstaɪl)

1. a colonnade surrounding a building or an open space.
2. an open space, as a courtyard, surrounded by a colonnade.
[1605–15; < Latin peristȳlum < Greek perístȳlon, n. use of neuter of perístȳlos surrounded with columns]
per`i•sty′lar, adj.
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Noun1.peristyle - a colonnade surrounding a building or enclosing a courtperistyle - a colonnade surrounding a building or enclosing a court
colonnade - structure consisting of a row of evenly spaced columns
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[ˈperɪstaɪl] Nperistilo m
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nPeristyl nt
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Opposite the Varnum gate, where the road fell away toward the Corbury valley, the church reared its slim white steeple and narrow peristyle. As the young man walked toward it the upper windows drew a black arcade along the side wall of the building, but from the lower openings, on the side where the ground sloped steeply down to the Corbury road, the light shot its long bars, illuminating many fresh furrows in the track leading to the basement door, and showing, under an adjoining shed, a line of sleighs with heavily blanketed horses.
Thus of the genius of one remarkable people we have a fourfold representation: and to the senses what more unlike than an ode of Pindar, a marble centaur, the peristyle of the Parthenon, and the last actions of Phocion?
Madame Danglars threw a rapid and inquiring glance which could only be interpreted by Monte Cristo, around the court-yard, over the peristyle, and across the front of the house, then, repressing a slight emotion, which must have been seen on her countenance if she had not kept her color, she ascended the steps, saying to Morrel, "Sir, if you were a friend of mine, I should ask you if you would sell your horse."
Some little time had passed since we left the dinner-table; I had scarcely given a thought to the Count since we left him under the peristyle; his indifference had surprised me, but my amazement increased when we came back and found him seated philosophically at table.
People do not go out from it by the door, but by the window; one doesn't descend here by the marble steps of a peristyle, but by the branches of a lime-tree; and the angel with a flaming sword who guards this elysium seems to have changed his celestial name of Gabriel into that of the more terrestrial one of the Prince de Marsillac."
He found himself at first in a thoroughly European quarter, the houses having low fronts, and being adorned with verandas, beneath which he caught glimpses of neat peristyles. This quarter occupied, with its streets, squares, docks, and warehouses, all the space between the "promontory of the Treaty" and the river.
Covering an area of more than 6,000 square metres, and incorporating a swimming pool, two peristyle gardens with fountains, and a circular belvedere with views across the bay, it was a bolt-hole that would have made even Berlusconi jealous.
Her prime example, in the House of the Dolphins on Delos, is a mosaic of marine creatures, signed by a Greek-named Phoenician from Arwad, in the peristyle court adjoining a vestibule whose floor was inlaid with the sign of Tanit (fig.
have dominion over natural elements, such as fire, water, wind, trees, and plants, including the secrets of the medicinal properties of these elements and illnesses and their cures." Statues and ritualized spaces are organized into the Ounfo and Peristyle, which form the core of the religious space.
The church is surrounded by a peristyle measuring 53 x 39 m composed of rectangular 100 x 60 cm piers built of finely hewn stones resembling those of the church and gateway.
An archaeological mission from Cairo University uncovered the tomb of Great Army General, Iwrhya, from King Ramsses II's reign- Ministry of Antiquities' Official Facebook Page Influenced by the contemporary tombs in the area, the tomb includes a forecourt, a statue room with adjacent plastered vaulted storehouses, a peristyle court and western chapels that are still not excavated, according to Aguizy.