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Adj.1.perithelial - of or relating to the tissue layer around small blood vessels
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It is predominantly perithelial, rather than an endothelial tumour.
ACD was initially considered to be synonymous with Fabry's disease, first described by Anderson and Fabry independently in 1898.9 It is a rare X-linked recessive disorder, with an incidence of about 1:40 000,10 caused by the mutation in a-galactosidase, a gene on long arm of X chromosome11 and subsequent deficiency of lysosomal hydrolase, alpha-galactosidase, which results in the progressive deposition of uncleaved neutral glycosphingolipids, predominantly a-galactosyl-lactosyl ceramide (trihexosyl ceramide) within the lysosomes of endothelial, perithelial, smooth muscle cells, autonomic nervous system, kidneys, eyes and heart.12
Immuno histochemistry shows actin as a perithelial component (11) among the tumor capillaries, also there was positivity for VwF usually limited to a few vessels.