peritoneal inflammation

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Noun1.peritoneal inflammation - inflammation of the peritoneum
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
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This mechanism might exacerbate peritoneal inflammation and promote the growth of endometrial implants.
This OS provides the conditions for the pelvic peritoneal inflammation, which occurs in the case of endometriosis.
Despite the lack of universal consensus, most authors adopt the first theory in which chronic peritoneal inflammation occurs, which results in proliferation and migration of peripheral mesothelial cells often associated with metaplasia of the underlying connective tissues [9-11].
Earlier, we carried out an in vivo study in which we evaluated the usefulness of an FLC-supplemented diet in a murine model of acute asbestos-induced peritoneal inflammation. Three days after intraperitoneal instillation of asbestos into mice, we observed both inflammation and oxidative/nitrosative stress in the peritoneal fluid.
Physical examination revealed maximal right upper quadrant abdominal tenderness, signs of peritoneal inflammation with rebound, and percussive tenderness.
We first unsuccessfully attempted to perfuse the line with sodium heparin (1,000 UI) because fibrin clots are a well-known cause of catheter malfunctioning (Singh, Common, & Perl, 2012) that is mainly caused by peritoneal inflammation during infective peritonitis.
Once inflammation involves the peritoneal surface of the appendix the predominant pain type becomes somatic due to parietal peritoneal inflammation. This is sharp in character and predominantly experienced in the right lower quadrant to start with.
Peritoneal inflammation is an important feature in many patients presenting with appendicitis.
Although the systemic chemotherapy has been shown to prolong the survival of gastric cancer patients there is a lack of complete success.44-46 Serum CA 125 levels are known to be elevated in peritoneal inflammation and in carcinomatozis4748 and a significant relationship between CA 125 and###
Whilst the majority of the literature has attributed morphologic and functional changes of the peritoneal membrane to PD solutions and peritonitis, the PD catheter itself can also induce peritoneal inflammation independently with associated disruption of peritoneal membrane integrity [64,65].
Surgical trauma results in peritoneal inflammation. The peritoneal response to an inflammatory stimuli of infectious nature or not is called peritonitis [3, 4].