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n. pl. per·i·trichs also pe·rit·ri·cha (pə-rĭt′rĭ-kə)
Any of various protozoans, such as the vorticella, having a wide oral opening surrounded by cilia.

[From New Latin Peritrichida, former order name : peri- + Greek thrix, trikh-, hair.]
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Extremely high copy numbers and polymorphisms of the rDNA operon estimated from single cell analysis of oligotrich and peritrich ciliates.
Crustaceans and molluscs commonly serve as substrata for sessile peritrich ciliates, and several previous studies have focussed on these relationships.
The effect of peritrich ciliates on the production of Acartia hundsonica in Long Island Sound.
Using the descriptive myonemal fiber system developed for another peritrich ciliate Campanella umbellaria (Shi et al.
Peritrich colonies with a maximum of five or six branches were observed attached to the venter of the extended nasale, on the mouthparts, ventrally at the union of the cranium and prothorax, and on the seventh abdominal segment.
The current paper partly aims to fulfill this gap of knowledge by studying the influence of peritrich ciliates as epibionts on mesozooplankton in the Gulf of Riga.
This photographically well-documented research report describes the development of an unusual telotroch (the free-swimming, re-colonizing stage) from a zooid that was broken-off from a spasmoneme-bearing, colonial, contractile, stalked Peritrich protozooan.
The presence of detrital and/or biotic material, including peritrich colonies, on the cranium and its appendages may interfere with sensory functions of those sensilla, diminishing larval ability to detect suitable prey.
However, only a few studies have investigated the ability of a peritrich epibiont to attach to non-living substrates in the laboratory and/or in the field (Henebry and Ridgeway, 1979; Mayen-Estrada and Aladro-Lubel, 2000).
Ectosymbiotic ellobiophryid peritrichs associated with abalone.