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a. paraumbilical, adyacente al ombligo.
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Patients usually present with vague abdominal pain that is most commonly periumbilical in origin.
One of the reasons is the non-specific clinical presentation of the SMA dissection, such as vague generalized abdominal pain or pain mostly in the epigastric and periumbilical regions with no diagnostic clinical signs and insufficient data on the diagnostic and management criteria of SMA (4).
Initially the pain was diffuse but later it became intense only at the periumbilical region and epigastrium.
The typical clinical presentation begins with periumbilical pain, anorexia and nausea.
In patients with suspected amyloidosis due to, for example, proteinuria, periumbilical fat aspiration biopsy and biopsy of the involved organs (mainly the kidneys) were performed.
On abdominal ultrasonography, massive free fluid starting from the periumbilical level and filling all quadrants with a size of 10 cm at the widest part was observed in the abdomen and it was reported that it could be compatible with perforation.
In contrast to conventional full abdominoplasty, partial procedures are able to avoid the abundant periumbilical veins.[4] In utilizing two partial abdominal operations, we were able to complete minimal undermining, ensuring stable perfusion from the perforating vessels of the deep inferior epigastric system and intercostal veins in order to avoid skin flap necrosis.
The abdominal examination revealed diffuse tenderness and rebound tenderness to palpation, 2 periumbilical ecchymoses of 2/2 cm, many others within the left deltoid area and on the lower limbs.
Classicamente o quadro de apendicite aguda se inicia com anorexia sucedido de dor abdominal mal definida, por vezes um desconforto na regiao mesogastrica ou periumbilical, nao se relacionando com atividade fisica ou posicao, sem alivio com a eliminacao de flatos ou fezes (FREITAS, 2009, p.41).
The classic presentation of appendicitis is most likely the presence of typical symptoms such as initial periumbilical pain followed by vomiting and nausea and the subsequent migration of pain to the right lower quadrant.
Physical examination revealed periumbilical area, and right upper quadrant showed tenderness and defenses.
Hidradenoma papilliferum is a relatively rare benign apocrine gland neoplasm that involve perianal, vulva, groin and with lower frequency axilla and periumbilical area.