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a. periuretral, alrededor de la uretra.
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coli that forms the predominant periurethral flora, and uncommonly by klebsiella, enterobacter and staphylococci epidermidis.
As the surgical approach may differ accordingly it is also important to distinguish whether they are urethral or periurethral masses.
First, we histologically examined all prostate lobes and the periurethral prostatic ducts for pathologic lesions in two cohorts of rats, one exposed continuously from implantation through adulthood and the other developmentally exposed from implantation through PND 21, the "stop-dose" BPA cohort.
IBAs are delivered endoscopically with a cystoscope via needle injection into the periurethral area.
Although the possibility of a small scratch that had gone unnoticed cannot be ruled out, an alternative explanation could be a periurethral contamination of the patient after handling his dog, followed by colonization of the urethra and subsequent migration of the bacteria to the bladder.
Two mL of Polyacrylamide hydrogel was injected under neurolept sedation in all women using a specialised sheath and rigid pediatric cystoscopy into 3 to 4 sites in the proximal urethra as previously described; we utilised the standard technique of periurethral injection with the goal of creating "mounds" that increased the coaptation of the urethra (8).
Postoperative success rates can be further improved by better patient selection criteria, for example by excluding patients with severe periurethral fibrosis and scarring due to previous radiation therapy and surgery for recurrent stricture disease.
Migration and granulomatous reaction after periurethral injection of polytef (Teflon).
Although the mainstay in the management of necrotizing soft tissue infection is wide often repeated debridement, the patient presented here underwent incision and debridement of the necrotic periurethral tissue and his urethra largely remained intact.