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a. periuretral, alrededor de la uretra.
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Polytef paste was first used for treating stress incontinence as a bulking agent by periurethral injection in 1974.
Incontinence II-48 Incontinence Treatment: Highly Unconventional II-48 Diagnosing and Treating Incontinence II-48 Treatment Techniques II-49 Non-Surgical Treatment Techniques II-49 Behavioral Techniques II-49 Pharmacologic Treatment II-50 Moisture Alarms II-50 Pelvic Floor Electrical Stimulation II-50 Hormonal Therapy II-50 Occlusive Devices II-51 Surgical Treatment Techniques II-51 Artificial Sphincters II-51 Periurethral Injections II-52 Endoscopic Procedure II-52 Suprapubic Procedure II-52 Vaginal Procedure II-52 B.
The laser technique destroys the periurethral tissue.
periurethral injectables, or a combination of the two).
She was complaining of dysuria, fever and itching in the periurethral and genital regions.
Bacteria from the bowel colonise the periurethral mucosa and overcome innate urinary tract defences.
Despite its long-term durability, the AUS remains susceptible to a number of' complications, including the development of postoperative hematoma, urinary retention (arising in the context of periurethral edema or stricture), AUS infection, cuff erosion, urethral atrophy.
4) (29) 1992 periurethral tissue N'Dow et al, Muscularis propria PC, 1 (0.
And the clitoris has two roots deeper into the pelvis that are connected to the periurethral sponge, the perianal sponge, and erectile tissue in Both of the major lips, and then of course there's the G-spot.
MRI helps in delineating urethral and periurethral soft tissues noninvasively with routinely used sequences such as T1WI and heavily T2 WI in axial, sagittal and coronal plane.
The etiology of acquired urethral diverticula is recurrent infection of the periurethral glands with obstruction, suburethral abscess formation, and rupture of the glands into the urethral lumen.