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a. periuretral, alrededor de la uretra.
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Under general anesthesia, a suburethral vertical incision was made and the vaginal epithelium was dissected laterally off the underlying urethra and periurethral tissues.
The graft is attached distally to the periurethral connective tissue with #2-0 Vicryl so that the graft lays flat against the pubocervical fascia.
2-7) Reports of glomus tumors in the genitourinary regions are extremely rare (8) and involve mostly the clitoris, vagina, cervix, periurethral soft tissue, kidney, and renal pelvis.
Besides, 23 (23%) patients in group II had 2nd degree vaginal tears which were stitched; 6 (6%) patients received minor periurethral tears which were also stitched; 9 (9%) patients had first degree vaginal tears which were left as such.
Possible treatments include behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy, periurethral bulking, male incontinence slings, and artificial urinary sphincters (AUS) (Cornu et al.
The main objective of treatment is to remove the stones without damaging the urethra and periurethral tissues in order to avoid urethral stricture.
After delivery, begin repair of a mediolateral incision by assessing the extent of vaginal, anal sphincter, rectal, and periurethral lacerations.
With aging, the periurethral glandular tissue and the transition zone may considerably hypertrophy, gradually compressing the central zone and stretching the peripheral zone.
20,21) Macroplastique periurethral bulking (22) was attempted in 2 cases, resulting in reduction in the number of episodes of stress incontinence but not complete continence.
Reproductive examination (chaperone present): Tanner stage III; perineal edema with marked purple ecchymoses located bilaterally at posterior introitus; multiple lacerations also noted as well as tenderness; some scabbed areas noted; no periurethral or perianal lesions or bruising; no vaginal discharge; speculum and bimanual exam were deferred due to pain.